Afraid of losing?

So, you’ve just heard about it, this whole investments thing. Maybe from your financially savvy mom, your businessman uncle, your professor, or heck, even your friend. You’re thinking of giving it a try but you want to do some research before making a commitment.(Here’s a link to how mutual funds work, if you haven’t read about that yet).

It’s your hard-earned money after all. Better safe than sorry, right?

Investment is a calculated risk, not a blind gamble.


Absolutely right. You have to know what you’re investing in. Please don’t place your money into financial instruments you don’t understand, no matter how big the returns promise to be.

But when you’re so focused on the losses and the market fears that you lose track of your financial goals, then you’re probably never going to give investments a try.

That’s just as bad as investing blindly, because you’re essentially allowing inflation to eat up the value of your money without doing anything to fight that loss.

See, people generally have two initial reactions towards investing: excitement or terror. The challenge is to overcome these reactions and become a rational investor. Don’t let the hype about high returns tempt you into taking on unnecessary risk, but don’t let the market scare you off either.


When you’re winning, it’s all good. There’s no need for someone to convince you to invest if you’re currently hitting up to 7% gains in a year… but when the red numbers start rolling in, just remember, as with everything in life, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Ready to start your investment journey with mutual funds? Let’s talk.

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