Ah, personal finance – two sobering words that conjure up images of balance sheets in the red and long, boring talks about budgeting that make you feel powerless and overwhelmed. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way.

See, personal finance is also about money. More importantly, YOUR money, YOUR future, YOUR life.

Interested yet?

Your parents shouldn’t be obliged to feed and house you forever. Your children aren’t a retirement plan. Batman won’t be there to fund your pension. (Count yourself lucky if they want to pitch in, though! Especially Batman.) The Philippines may have a social security system in name, but you can be sure as heck that it won’t be enough.

It’s about time you did something to protect your assets and grow your hard-earned cash.

This blog is here to help you seize the day with informative posts on the topic of personal finance and a few other tidbits (variety is the spice of life, after all).

Go on, feel free to look around. And if you’re ready for a real talk, you can contact me here.

Hey Hannah! Why Carpe Diem?

For a blog that talks about planning for the future, using a phrase that many have used to justify reckless acts sounds awfully hedonistic.

Fun fact: a lot of people think that carpe diem is similar to YOLO.
But its original meaning is actually the opposite of YOLO.

Horace (a Roman poet who wrote the poem Odes way, way back in 23 BC) is the guy who gave us this beautiful turn of phrase. To make a long explanation short (I know y’all are curious but busy people) he wrote carpe diem to mean that a person should do all that they can today to improve their tomorrow.

So yes, seize the day, but never at the cost of tomorrow. Not a bad motto to live by, eh? 🙂